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Who are we?

HDA Technical Services is a privately owned company which has been in business since 1972. With over thirty years in the electronics and computer industries, we provide our customers throughout central New Hampshire with sales, service, and support programs specifically designed for their individual operating requirements.

We use, sell, and service Macintosh® based computers. Our satisfied clients include a wide variety of businesses and individual computer owners. Our specialties are healthcare and graphics design/printing/publishing. References are available upon request.

HDA Technical Services is a one-stop source for your computer needs: computer equipment for home or business, computer software, personalized training support, and computer supplies.

Let us:

Evaluate your hardware and software requirements.

Provide recommendations for future enhancements, system upgrades, and new purchases.

Obtain and install computer equipment and software that satisfies your needs.

Furnish standard supplies such as: storage media, toner and ink cartridges, and surge protectors.

Selecting Software

Selecting software can be a confusing process, but it is is a critical factor in your computer purchase. You have to decide what you want the software to do for you. Then you will need to consider other factors.

How does it compare with other software of a similar nature? How much of a learning curve does it have? Is it possible that you will quickly outgrow its capabilities? Is the manual thorough, and yet easy to use? Is there a tutorial? What kind of technical support is available from the publisher? Does the software require additional memory or equipment to make it work?

HDA Technical Services carefully considers these questions and others before recommending software to you. We search continually for new products that provide the best cost-to-performance balance. We can provide software demonstrations for you. We want the software you buy to be the software that you need, and we are available to help you with it after your purchase.

To us at HDA Technical Services, your questions are important. Our goal is to provide honest answers that you can understand and realistic solutions to your needs.

Selecting A System:

You have decided what you want to use the computer for, and what software you will need. You are ready to look for the computer hardware best suited to run it. Now you need to consider:

Value. Lowest price is not everything. What are you getting for your money? Does the price for your system include enough RAM, a big enough hard drive, a fast enough modem, printer cables - everything you will need to be able to use it? Does your dealer provide pre-delivery testing, on-site installation, and training? These are important if you want to get the most from your purchase.

Quality. Once you have your new computer, what if you have a problem? What is the manufacturerĖs warranty policy? Will your dealer stand behind you and the products he sells?

Service. Who handles repair work? Are replacement parts readily available? Most important, how much time will repairs, including shipping, require? Does your dealer offer service as you need it? Are service contracts available if you want them?

Value for your money, quality products, and friendly, pre- and post-sale service: HDA Technical Services provides all three as we strive to develop a long-term relationship with you.

Selecting A Dealer

When you begin your search for a computer system, one concern should be the source from whom you are buying it. Select your computer dealer carefully. Does your dealer speak "Computerese" or or does he take the time to explain terminology and to answer your questions? DonĖt let anyone confuse you with technical jargon! You have the right to know what you are buying and why you need it. Ask your dealer for references. A trustworthy dealer will do all thatĖs necessary to satisfy your needs, maximize productivity, avoid inconvenience, and minimize downtime.

We at HDA Technical Services believe that a satisfied customer is our most valuable asset. We offer 'round-the-clock support to our clients and take pride in providing them with the best possible service.

Our customers include home users; families, students, and retirees. Among our business clients, we work with dentists, doctors and Graphics Design/Printing/Publishing businesses, as well as schools, banks, construction companies, non-profit organizations, and others.

HDA Technical Services is a one-stop source for your computer needs: computer equipment and software for home or business, providing consulting, training, sales, service, support, and computer supplies.

HDA Technical Services

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